I have to apologize to Billy Walsh. I've been frustrated with him. He's stubborn and irrational. He's the kind of character that would fit in better on Lost, because all he does is slow down the forward motion of the plot. When James Cameron needed to see Queen's Boulevard before hiring Vince for Aquaman, Billy refused to show it to him. He did the same thing tonight when Ari wanted to screen Medellin. Billy Walsh is like a broken record. At least, that's the way I used to feel about him. Not anymore. I respect Billy Walsh now because he's bat-shit insane and full of swagger.

Here's a re-cap of the exact moment when he won me over:
Eric: If you don't let us see the movie today, then I'm not giving you any more money for hookers and cigerettes.
Billy: You win, sir. We will watch the movie post-haste! But first, I must make urine in the bathroom, excuse me gentlemen.
Billy busts out of the hallway, film in hand, on the motorcycle he apparently keeps in his studio's bathroom
Billy: F*ck all y'all!
Billy triuphantly rides off into the sunset

Other Billy Walsh highlights of last night's Entourage include referring to a strip club as "the only place where people really love me," and doing aerobics throughout Vinny and Eric's screening of Medellin. I used to hate him, but now I want to party with him.

The outcome of the screening: Vince loved Medellin, Eric hated it. Tune in next week to learn more. For Vince's sake, I hope the movie is great. It seems like he's finally out of money. For real this time, seriously. No really, I'm serious. Really. If Medellin isn't great, Vince-and-friends could find themselves living out of Johnny Drama's condo. Actually, I'd love to see that happen for an episode. Then they can go back to living in a bad-ass mansion with a swimming pool filled with titties instead of water.

We saw a new side of Ari this week. Just kidding. We saw the same side of Ari this week. He handles family business the same way he does actual business. Unfortunately, that kind of can-do, take-no-prisoners attitude is what worked against him this time. His son got rejected from some fancy-schmancy school for nerds. The school administration was just sick of dealing with Ari. I'm sure his 6-year-old boy isn't too broken up over it. His daughter might be, she has to make a whole new group of friends now that she's not enrolled there, either. Any sympathy I feel for her is overshadowed by how much I enjoyed watching Ari yell at a dentist, mid-surgery.

Other observations:

  • Everyone got sunglasses this week, except Turtle
  • Turtle likes sneakers so much, he bought a t-shirt with sneakers on it
  • The Entourage writers never miss an opportunity to slam Gigli
  • Ari's wife is sassy. She's just like him when she's mad
  • Vinny Chase still hasn't had sex this season. This must be some kind of record
On a final note, if you ever find yourself in Johnny Drama's condo and you need to pee, the combination to the bathroom is 624987. And don't forget to take your shoes off.