KITT, do you realize this top-secret recording proves General Juarez is behind yesterday's ruby heist? This time, we'll make sure he's behind bars for good!

KITT: Excellent work, Michael. Shall we listen to it?

Michael pushes the recording into KITT's cassette player. KITT plays the recording way too fast before spitting bunches of its magnetic tape back out.

MICHAEL: KITT! What have you done?

KITT: I'm sorry Michael. Perhaps you'd like to listen to my radio instead. The AM is still functional… in certain areas.

* * *

Michael and KITT pursue a van in a high-speed chase.

MICHAEL: We're gaining on Lord Topaz, KITT. Let's put the pedal to the metal. (smirking) I hope Topaz can fit all that stolen art in his prison cell!

KITT: Michael, my external thermostat indicates the temperature will fall below 60 degrees by sundown. May I activate my heater?

MICHAEL: (focusing on the road) What? Yeah, fine. Whatever.

KITT turns its heater on. The windshield immediately fogs up. Michael swerves the car left and right as he tries desperately to wipe the fog away.

MICHAEL: Jesus Christ, KITT! I can't see a thing. Hurry—open a window.

The driver's side window opens a fraction of an inch and stops.

KITT: Michael, would you happen to have a screwdriver, or just something to, you know, pry with?

MICHAEL: KITT, we're gonna crash! Turn on the AC.

KITT: The what?

* * /div>

HEADQUARTERS (over KITT's radio): This is HQ. Come in, Knight Rider. Over.

MICHAEL: (into the radio) Knight Rider here. Over.

HEADQUARTERS: Michael, we've got a solid lock on DeLaurentis's deadly plutonium shipment. It was last tracked 20 klicks east of… (static.)

MICHAEL: (throwing down handset) God damn it! Not again.

Michael gets out of KITT and starts messing with a wire coat hanger sticking out where the antenna should be.

KITT: Try adding more tinfoil, Michael.

* *

A purse-snatcher runs down a deserted alley. Michael and KITT pull in front of him and screech to a stop.

MICHAEL: (smirking) Going somewhere?

KITT: Good job, Michael. Let's bring him to the authorities.

Michael tries to get out of KITT, but the door won't open.

MICHAEL: Goddamn door… (to purse snatcher) Sorry, it does this sometimes.

KITT: Don't push so fast, Michael. Pull… pull the handle and then push. Did you hear what I said?

MICHAEL: I know, KITT. Okay? It's all about timing it the right… way…

Michael continues pushing on the door. He reaches out the window and pulls the outside handle as the purse snatcher looks on.

MICHAEL: (to purse snatcher) Can you grab that coat hanger off the hood?