Jacob N has a question for the interns: I don't get it. Since you don't get paid how do you even survive? Do you have another job to rely on or do you just mooch off of mommy and daddy's money stash? I've been thinking about this for awhile and it just doesn't make sense considering the cost of living out in NY.

Personally, I just don’t eat, or I steal food from my roommates. It’s pretty easy to get guys at bars to buy me drinks and to bum cigarettes off strangers and to panhandle for change for the subway. Also before I left I murdered my grandma and collected my inheritance.
- Katie Marino

I am a whore. nuff sed.
- Will Schneider

I live off the royalties of the phrase, "Deal or no deal?" which I came up with. You know "Crikey?" Yeah, that was me, too.
- Patrick Cassels

Our users are curious about Managing Editor Jeff Rubin's new picture. Why the sudden change?

Jeff - I haven't taken a nice picture since I graduated high school, and some might argue it's been longer than that. My dad asked for one for Father's Day, so I took that picture and blew it up to poster size. The old picture of me was taken during an eight week no-shaving binge, and I always felt like I was lying to you guys about how much facial hair I have.

Office Survey!
First screen name ever?

Streeter Seidell Floydlove because I was a massive Pink Floyd fan

Steve Cozzarelli I followed the basic screen name formula….
Adjective + Sport + (-) a Type of Food + (-) XO + a number = CrzyBoarderX5
I was a crazy skateboarder, the X means i was also extreme. 5 is a number.

Susanna Wolff I've had the same screen name since 5th grade. I tried to change to a new one in 8th grade, but my friends would have none of it. And we all know that peer pressure always wins.
So, to this day, this is my screen name: SPFfiftyplus
Because I'm white.

Will Schneider iamwillschneider

i was a creative kid.

Jeremy Gundel sumdood222 - Because I am a dude, spelling things wrong is cool, and 2 is my favorite number so having it three times is 3x the cool. It's like 6 cool. By the way, I still use it because it's too much work to change it and tell people. And I'm pretty sure spelling thingz wrong is still kool.

Jason Mesches NYR DaBomb – (it was clearly on AOL, cause that's how we all rolled) and it was because I always used the phrase "da bomb" and NYR was for New York Rangers, as I am a die hard Ranger fan.

Jake Hurwitz BiggJake38 – because I was kind of tall and had a crush on this girl carin hurst. c= 3rd letter in the alphabet, h= 8th. Also ch stands for collegehumor so I guess it's fate that I work here now. Either that or a coincidence.

For a time, I also operated on the screen name surplusletterhed

Katie Marino moocow610 – because I like cows. And 6/10 is my birthday. …And cow610 was apparently already taken.

Dan Gurewitch Jazz730 – because I liked jazz piano and the Utah Jazz. Yes, actually the Utah Jazz. I do still play jazz piano, though I am no longer thrilled by Jerry Sloan’s squad of bad-ass playmakers.

Jeff Rubin WolfmansGotNards – It's one of my favorite movies. If someone got the reference, I knew we would get along.

Ricky Van Veen babymullet – I was in high school and thought mullets were the funniest thing around.

Nine years later, I’ve realized it’s actually gayness.

Sam Reich SamDStub – It was my detective alter ego, but in retrospect sounds like I have a small penis.

Amir Blumenfeld Pikasso – because it was my brother's screenname and I wasn’t old enough to create my own.

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