Student 1: So this guy's really good?
Student 2: Yeah, man he challenges everything you think about the world. Makes you realize how everything is so finite and how reality is just so arbitrary.
Student 1: Righteous man.
Student 2: Oh, here he is now.
Socrates walks over to the students.
Socrates: Oh hey, what's up fellas?
Student 2: Nothing much Socco. Hey, I was just telling my buddy about all your wisdom. Can you enlighten us?
Socrates: Oh, I don't know.
Student: Come on! (to his friend) Ask him anything. He's a genius!
Student 1: Uh…ok. Um…does the sun revolve around the earth or what?
Socrates: Do you think the sun revolves around the earth?
Student 1: I mean, to be honest I've been doing a lot of work discrediting the geocentric theory over the past few years. Frankly, I think it's rather unfounded and fairly egotistical to think we are the center of the universe. I posit the much disputed theory that the earth actually revolves around the sun.
Socrates: Excellent work my son.
Student 2: See, I told you! Isn't he a genius?
Student 1: Yeah, I guess.
Student 2: Go ahead, ask him something else.
Student 1: Uh…alright. Hey Socrates.
Socrates:Yes, my son?
Student 1: What's the meaning of life?
Socrates: What do you think the meaning of life is?
Student 1: To be honest, I'm not really sure. I think life is about the complicated interconnectedness of nature and how we're all just vessels rentingland from the earth.
Socrates: Deep, man.
Student 2: Howsmart is Socrates man?
Student 1: I don't really…
Socrates: It's OK, my son. One day you will possess mywisdom.
Student 1: Uh…dude you just keep asking me the same questions I ask you.
Socrates:Of course. That's my method. The Socratic method.
Student 1:Yeah, you're an asshole.
Socrates: Am I an asshole?
Student 1: You're like the Carlos Mencia of ancient Greek philosophers.
Socrates: Who's Carlos Mencia?
Student 1: OK seriously. Stop.
The student punches Socrates in the gut and walks away.