Sitting there tapping away at the keys of my shitty conact empty cell I found something that few actually know. T9 Word must operate on a dictionary far beyond the grasp of human speech, unless your Ludacris….or George Bush. So in no particular order are some clever words that I stumbled upon. You try it, and bask in the glory as you uncover the hidden words of our great language you never knew existed.

Pooppasm- 1) The act of creating a masterpiecepoop and entering a euphoric state of mind much like that of a sexual orgasm. 2) Shitting your pants with such zelous ferver that the result is a trembling orgasm. This may cause you to feel incomplete if you cannot duplicate this feeling, causing you to embark on a life long goal of multiple pooppasms SENTANCE- "Yo bra, this morning I had the sickest pooppasm ever, it was better thanlast week whenI plowed our your X Stacy….wait you guys are still going out?"

Cocktry- 1) Thetime in whicha female counter part has her very first encounter with said male. At her first sight of the penis she becomes nervous and she stops the encounter almost immediately. 2) When thatreally hotcheerleader down the hall gets drunk enough to whip your shit out and is suddenly overcome with a feeling of laughter, soon there after to be overcome with the desire to tell every other girl on campus. SENTANCE- "My dude, Jamie is such a bitch, she was gonna go down on me last nightand fuckin family guy comes on. Than she starts laughin and shit and said she had to go tell her suitemates it was on"

Nubtoucher- 1) The act of touching anothers fleshy nub. Nub can be any short piece of flesh due to birth defect, amputation, bad genes,or when you tried to catch the spinning saw blade. 2) Someone who has an unhealthy addiction to touching anothers nub. 3) Your uncle Johnny. SENTANCE- "Uncle Johnny, why do you keep touching my pinky toe?"

Blundersmat- 1) The oily residue left by the hanging vaginal lips (blundersnatch)of a preferably dirty sorostitute. 2) The stuff you thought was mayonaise you spilled on your sheets. 3) The mayonaise you licked off your sheets. SENTANCE- "Yo Chad, Lisa is like sooo fuckin banging. I gave her the cold take down know what I mean. She even brought over a few burgers, I spilled the mayo on my bed, its aight bro I just licked that shit up, got any pepto?!"

Facelock- 1) An uncontrolled locking of the face muscles often due to sudden excitement, horror, disbelief, or shock. 2) What happened to your face that time you walked in on your grandmother changing her nickers. 3) You just had a stroke. SENTANCE-"Dude, my man,I got my GPA this semester. I mean I kno we partied hard,Polopalooza was da bomb. Oh yea and who can forget Rush Week, my ass still hurts. So any waytheres only one word to describe my GPA…..FACELOCK..ok theres two more.. SUMMER CLASSES.."