Just answer the questions below to find out what kind of patriotic explosive you are!

What age group do you find yourself spending the most time with?
0-4 year olds (0 points)
5-14 year olds (1 point)
15 year olds (2 points)
16 and up (3 points)

How loud are you?
Not loud (0 points)
Not loud, but at least noticeable (1 point)
Loud (2 points)
SO loud (3 Points)

When you're angry at someone, you:
Write in your diary about how much they suck (0 points)
Passive agressively annoy them (1 point)
Yell and punch (2 points)
Kill (3 points)

Complete this sentence, "I think the new Die Hard movie is ____":
Loud and scary (0 points)
Very engaging if I close my eyes during the violent parts (1 point)
Good (2 points)
Sick as tits (3 points)

Which of these activities are you most likely to do on a given day?
Cuddle (0 points)
Run in erratic circles around the backyard (1 point)
The same old thing, over and over again (2 points)
Blow someone's arm off (3 points)

Which of these artists do you most identify with?
Yanni (0 points)
The Grateful Dead (1 point)
50 Cent (2 points)
Van Halen, David Lee Roth era (3 points)

What's your favorite food, and why?
Broccoli, because it's good for me (0 points)
Gum, because it lasts much longer than my interest in it (1 point)
Everlasting Gobstoppers, because I'm excited by the continuous change of color (2 points)
A steak, cheese, butter and bacon sandwich, because it's delicious (3 points).

When making love you:
Grow to two feet in length (0 points)
Fizzle for a long time, but leave everyone unsatisfied (1 point)
Aim at your friends (2 points)
Explode right away (3 points)