Woolworth's lunch counter, 1952

Ralph: And then I slipped in the sandbox—
Stewart: Hey man, say it, don't spray it!
Louie: Oh my god, did you just make that up right now?
Stewart: Yeah…
Louie: Wow, that is the funniest way I've ever heard of making fun of someone who spits when they talk. That's going to be a thing people say now. I just know it. You should really copyright that so it doesn't lose your identity like "I'm rubber and you're glue" lost Claire's.
Stewart: A chick made that up?
Louie: Psh, yeah I know, figures. But still.
Stewart: Come one, my thing wasn't that great. And, if anything, just people in our class will start to say it.

2 months later, at summer camp, with strangers

Stewart: And then I said this fantastic—
Marshall: Hey, say it, don't spray it.
Stewart: Yeah! That's what I said. I made that up.
Marshall: Made what up? Spitting when you talk?
Stewart: No, the "say it, don't spray it" thing. I said it first.
Marshall: Yeah right.

3 years later

Stewart: It was me! It was all me! Why does no one believe me? "Say it, don't spray it" is mine! All mine!
Peter: Hey, buddy, I asked for the news, not the weather.
Louie: Oh my god, did you just make that up right now?
Peter: Yeah…
Louie: Wow, that was hilarious. That's going to become a thing.
Stewart: Yeah, good luck. I'll keep my eye out for your names in next year's American History textbook…Not!
Nicholas: Hey, I made up saying something untrue and then aggressively saying "not" at the end. "Not" is mine!
Stewart: Yeah right, loser.