Hello my pretty friends. This week's gossip round-up is pretty bikini focused. I hope that's okay. It is? Oh goodie. But first – let's get the non-nekkid stuff out of the way.

Christina Aquilera maybe/sort of/definitely is pregnant. The source? Her abusive estranged dad. So, you know, take that for what it's worth. But OMG, She's effing preggers!!! Holy sheballs! [CelebrityBabylon]

Here's a little nasty tidbit for you. Fantasia, of American Idol fame, has a nail in the boat. Is that hot or what? It's so hot I dry heaved. She was at a NYC tattoo and piercing joint and got her jewelry changed. I've now throw up in my mouth. [CelebrityBabylon]

And now for bikini pics!

Here's Hilary Duff and her Horse-Faced sister at their Malibu beach party on July 4th. Hilariously, Hil's been spotted with Nicole Richie's ex Brody Jenner. Her ex Joel Madden has apparently impregnated Nicole. Scandalicious! [IDLYITW, WWTDD]

Newly 21-year old Lindsay Lohan is taking day trips from rehab to party – sober of course. LiLo had a big birthday bash with with her family and her coke-loving ex Calum Best showed up. Rumor is she ignored him to make out with Diana Ross' son. Go get 'em Linds! Here she is guzzling water at her Malibu beach party on the fourth of July. [WWTDD]

Here is Ashley Tisdale, some ho from High School Musical. This means nothing to me because I am not 12, but she looks like she's 21, so hopefully she's legal enough to be posted on the web. [Egotastic]

Poor Eva Longoria. She's upset she wore that fugly bikini mess as much as we are. But isn't it amazing that she can hide her entire vagina behind that diamond ring? [Egotastic]

Click here for topless pictures of Rebecca Gayheart (SFW-ish). It doesn't matter if you don't know who she is…boobies! [Egotastic]

Paris Hilton started her post-jail redemption doing what any giving, charitable person would do – she hit Hawaii for some sun and crotch tanning. [HollywoodTuna, CelebSlam]

This is not hot, but is so fascinating it deserves posting. Here's Scarlett Johansson with her nose ring in, rockin' the streets of NYC in Mom shorts and no bra (or a very unsupportive one). She's so hot it's okay for her to look ugly. Isn't she lucky. [Egotastic]

Happy Birthday Lindsay Lohan, my favorite gal pal!
Enjoy those energy drinks – and get rid of those shoes! [IDLYITW]