Friends, we are gathered here tonight to celebrate
the lives of two dear members of our community, Roxy Champlain and Ingrid Herrtzgeiger. Words cannot express how deeply saddened we are by the loss of these two young women.

It’s true what they say- that an incident like this makes us all stop for a second and wonder about life. We all have questions, questions without answers. Why did God have to take such a young, beautiful, and popular girl away from us so soon?

And Ingrid, isn’t it sad about her too? She was amazing at math and science. She was truly gifted at the French horn, or the sax, same thing. A truly beautiful and amazing person, perfect really. Sorry, I started talking about Roxy again.

It’s tragic to see these lives cut so drastically short, but all of you being here is a testament to their legacy. Roxy's cheerleading team, her co-leaders of the student government, her neighbors, boys that used to like her, they’re all here. So are some other people.

So tonight, let’s bow our heads in a moment of silence for Roxy. And let's take this time to reflect on the impact she had on each and every one of our lives. And let's take a second to think about Ingrid too. We love you, Rox- Rest in peace.