Guess what? I have another job going through submitted ideas for a T-shirt site called BustedTees. Each month BustedTees gets around 100 ideas submitted, most of which are decent, some of which are great and a few of which are amazingly terrible. Below you'll find some of my favorite awful ideas. Enjoy.

What a fascinating sentiment. Grab Poo. It's as simple as that. No explanation. No meaning. Only poo grabbing.

Another entry in the "Great Suggestions" category. It's not the people who would buy this shirt who scare me, it's the guy who thought this would make a great piece of clothing.

This shirt is about four years too late to be funny, if it even was funny in the first place.

The perfect shirt to wear out at night if your goal for the evening is to not get laid!

This young man must have had a hard life judging by the wanton grammatical errors in the text of this shirt.

Why ruin the surprise with a shirt? Let her see the real deal later!

Unless you're a very proud gay person this shirt is probably not for you. Even if you are a really proud gay man, why stereotype?

Classy. That'll impress the ladies.

Even if you're willing to get down with the brown sound you don't need to broadcast that to everyone at the party.

Ah, my all-time favorite. This shirt epitomizes a terrible T-shirt idea for three reasons:

  • 1) It has swears on it, people don't like to wear shirts with curses on them.
  • 2) There is no picture, it's not as interesting if it's just text.
  • 3) Someone else already makes it. See for yourself . Why would you submit an idea that's blatantly not yours? And, if you're going to steal, at least make it a good idea.
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