If there's one thing that Steve Irwin's death a few weeks ago taught us (besides the dangers of swimming with stingrays), it's that you can instantly tell the importance of a celebrity by whether you would text your friends if you found out that person died. So here's my personal list, which I've divided into three categories.

TextworthyNot TextworthyMaybe If I'm Drunk

Will Ferrell

Robin Williams

Dax Shepard

Paul McCartney


J.C. Chasez

Jon Stewart

Kurt Loder

Carson Daly

Bill Gates

Donald Trump

Orville Redenbacher

Britney Spears

Kelly Osbourne

Shania Twain

Dr. Dre

Avril Lavigne

The dude from Creed

Osama Bin Laden

Tony Blair

Janet Reno

Tiger Woods

Andre Agassi

Mankind the wrestler

Subway Jared

"Can you hear me now?" guy

Dell Kid

Bob Saget

Suzanne Somers

The guy who Played Carl Winslow

Adam Sandler

Rob Schneider

Shooter McGavin