Our dedicated team of drunk high schoolers work hard every week to bring you the very best, and most challenging, Would You Rathers. Answer them…If you dare!

Would You Rather…

  • Be blind or have no legs?
  • Be retarded and not know it or look retarded and know it?
  • Eat a diarrhea sandwich or eat a diarrhea panini?
  • (Guys) Weigh 300 pounds or weigh 82 pounds?
  • (Girls) Weigh 210 pounds or have no arms?
  • Be able to fly or have unlimited money? (catch: You cannot exploit your flying powers to make money)
  • Never taste anything again or have uncontrollable bowel movements?
  • Burn to death or starve to death?
  • Constantly smell shit or never smell anything again?
  • and finally, Would You Rather…

  • Hook up with your mom or your dad?
  • Good luck!