Plenty of people have claimed that their site is the best – Maddox, Maddox and probably some other people – but, as is normally the case with these things, the true Best Site In The Universe is an unassuming little page by the name of

Taking a page from Weird Al's play book, the man behind Gonfunko has created a massive archive of ridiculous cover songs including "My Front Lawn" (Stacey's Mom), "U Can't Flush This" (U Can't Touch This) and "Free Failin'" (Free Fallin'). He's even got some video up there, most recently a song+video combo for "Hunting a Fly" (Learning to Fly).

The creator and sole musical voice of Gonfunko is shrouded in mystery. We don't know his name, where he lives or how old he is but we do know his band, Gonfunko and the Parabolas, was created in 2003. By my best guess, Gonfunko was in 7th grade when he started recording his parodies which would make him a sophomore in high school now – his voice is considerably lower in the "Hunting a Fly" video.

I post this not to make fun of this young man, but to celebrate his devotion to the art of parody. While his songs may not be the best parodies you've heard and his voice may be high pitched and prone to cracking, Gonfunko is doing what he loves and we salute that. To reward Gonfunko for his devotion to parody and his willingness to put himself out there, we're going to bring him to the attention of Weird Al's manager.

Who smells Internet Celebrity?!?!?!?!

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