Raffaella Pascarella, Sophomore, Holy Cross

Hometown: Branford, CTMajor: Bio/Pre-med

Favorite Drink: Key Lime Martinis

What makes you weak in the knees? Nice eyes, killer smile, good sense of humor, a guy with a nice booty.

What makes your knees sturdy? Guys who take longer to get ready than I do, arrogance, liars.

Guys who wear leather wristbands from Hollister — cool or un-cool? Un-cool…let's move on to popped collars next"

Do you have a boyfriend: Do imaginary ones count?

Can I have your number? I'll give you a hint: it's 7 digits long and is composed of numbers from 0-9"

OK, then lets just make out now? You have a better chance of getting my number.

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