I can't hold it in, I have to say it … best episode ever? I'm not saying they should, but I would understand if HBO decides to call it quits after last night's Entourage. I don't know if they'll ever top it, and I wouldn't blame them for not trying.

Last night had more plot twists than an M. Night Shyamalan movie, and he was the guest star! I bet they planned that. Maybe he even helped write the episode? Like, when the mayor of Beverly Hills found a really hot chick and it turned out she was a transsexual, that was just like in the 6th Sense when Bruce Willis was really a dead guy. And when Ari got into all sorts of trouble over the script he had to read by morning, and then it turned out that he didn't even have to read it because Shyamalan changed the third act, that was just like in Signs when the aliens came. OK, maybe that's a stretch.

I did enjoy Shyamalan's cameo though. If he's anything like his on-screen persona, he's really, really enthusiastic about his work, and completely oblivious to the world around him. I respect that.

Here's a rundown of last night's major plots:

Eric's single goal was to tell Harvey that they weren't selling him the movie. He never did. I understand. I wouldn't have either. Harvey is crazy. Why isn't he in jail? Someone did tell Harvey eventually, but I'll get to that later.

Uh oh! How is Ari going to read the new 200-page M. Night Shyamalan script and go on a dinner date with his wife in the same night? It started to sound like a bad Flintstones episode. Then the wacky Mexican valets at the restaurant gave Ari the wrong car back and it got more interesting. It looked like Ari's car, but while Ari's car was filled with the Shyamalan script, this car was filled with black dildos. The actual owner of the car's wife didn't know he was out for a night on the town, and I wish we got to see her find the dildos. Oh well.

After all the trouble of returning the car and spending a night in jail for driving 140 mph, like I mentioned before, it was the wrong script.

Drama wants his apartment to be annexed into Beverly Hills because "it's like the going between North and South Korea." In order to accomplish this goal he needed to get the mayor of Beverly Hills laid. This is no ordinary mayor, though. He's a middle-aged slob who doesn't seem mature enough to live on his own, let alone run a city. Why would the mayor of Beverly Hills be impressed by celebrities?

Unbeknownst to Drama, he hooked the mayor up with a transsexual (a really hot transsexual, in his defense). Their love was stronger than gender lines though, because Mr. Mayor wasn't fazed by her massive package. Good for them.

Did anyone else feel like they recognized the mayor, but couldn't quite place who he is? I did.

Greatest Moment of the Episode
(maybe in Entourage history)
After almost a full episode of Eric and Vinny pussying out from telling Harvey about Medellin, while Harvey was being dragged out of the bar by two massive bouncers for flipping out on a server for bringing him the wrong drink:

Drama (completely nonchalant): "Hey Harvey, we're not selling you the movie. We're putting it on the open market at Cannes."