I've decided recently that in college girls tend to use the word "Stalker" way too loosely. These days if a guy gets your phone number off of your AIM profile he's a stalker. I long for the golden days, where stalker meant knowing excessively personal information and a desire to chop you up into little pieces.

And besides, most of the time the guys that are "stalking" these girls really just want to use them for their biology notes.


So I've come up with a sure fire way for girls to determine whether a guy is a STALKER or Just a little SKETCHY

1) If a guy walks you home to your exact address even though you never told him where you live, he's SKETCHY.

If a guy is waiting outside your house before your first class in the morning so that he can walk you over, he's a STALKER.

2) If a guy tells you he loves you the first time you hook up, he's SKETCHY.

If a guy mentions that he knows you want to name your kids Allegra and Ben, even though you've never told a soul, he's a STALKER

3) If a guy knows about all of your ex-boyfriends, how the relationships ended and why they didn't work out, he's SKETCHY.

If all of a sudden the ex-boyfriends you've stayed in touch with start to mysteriously vanish one-by-one, the guy's a STALKER.

4) If a guy uses collegehumor.com as a platform to reach out to Jenn Sterger and get her to facebook him, he's SKETCHY.

If a guy tells you that "Girls tend to use the word Stalker way too loosely," he's a STALKER.