Sure, you might have a job on campus. Between sessions of groping chicks at your frat, you work a shift or two as a janitor in the abandoned campus chapel. But the ten dollars a month you make allows your parents to continue to claim you as a dependent. Bully for them!

When you graduate, guess what's coming? It's TAX TIME! Hope to God your job's accounting department is great and on the books, and you'll be fine. Sure, your checks will be slimmer than what you thought they'd be…that's what taxes do, kid! If your company is on the level, they'll give you an easy to read W-2 that is broken down perfectly, ready to be input into H&R Block's affordable online tax software!

But if you end up taking that night watchman gig by the docks that's paid in cash, you better watch out. Even if you've got a degree in economics, this shit is off the charts confusing. Have you been keeping track, each week, of how much cash goes to each of your states various tax categories? Of course not. You bought a bunch of beer and DVDs, to keep yourself from getting depressed after your college girlfriend dumped you for the I-Banking nerd she used to make fun of. Smart girl.

Now you're fucked. You might as well just not do your taxes and hope your boss doesn't report your earnings to the IRS. Because if he does, then you're getting audited. And when they find out you didn't pay any taxes and you can't afford to pay them, you're going to jail.

But, don't worry kid. You're still in college, so breathe easy. And enjoy Brenda, while you can.