Everyone knows that Bear Grylls is the epitome of manliness. Now for the drinking game that doesn't even begin to do justice to his level of badass. So flip on Discovery Channel, crack open some brews, and prepare to pass out within 5 minutes.

1. Whenever Bear jumps out of a plane or helicopter, all players must drink until he hits the ground.

2. Whenever Bear eats a living creature, all players must drink for 5 seconds.

3. Whenever Bear eats a dead creature, all players must drink for 3 seconds.
(If he kills something before eating it, count it as dead.)

4. When Bear drinks anything (hoping its clean water) all players must finish their drink.

5. When Bear participates in any form of extreme exercise (ex. rock climbing), all players must drink until Bear finishes.

6. Whenever Bear talks about people in extreme situations:
If the characters in the story survive, drink for 3 seconds.
If the characters in the story die, drink for 5 seconds.

7. Whenever Bear lights a fire, players must drink 5 seconds from the beverage of the player to their left.

8. Whenever Bear takes off clothing, players must drink 2 seconds for every article removed. If he gets completely nude, finish off your drink.

9. Whenever Bear complains about his surroundings all players must drink for 3 seconds.

10. If Bear does anything involving excriment or bodily fluids, all players must drink for 10 seconds.

11. Whenever Bear says he's going for high ground, all players must attempt to find "high ground" in the room. The player closest to the floor after 10 seconds must finish the drink in his hand.

12.Whenever Bear presents a dangerous and extreme situation then attempts it (ex. jumping in quicksand), all players must drink until he survives it.

13. Whenever Bear's accent is made incredibly apparent due to his mispronunciation of a word (ex. Glass-ier), players must take one swig.

14. Whenever Bear finds a stream or river all players must get to the floor as quickly as possible. Last one on the ground must finish everyone else's drink.

15. When Bear finds his way out of the wilderness, all players must race to finish the drink they are holding. Last one to finish buys the beers for next week's game.