Here's a look at the big news stories…and what they mean for you.

A two passenger plane piloted by Yankee pitcher Cory Lidle crashed into an apartment building on New York's upper east side.What That Means For You:If your herpes sores are misbehaving and you start to tear up, you've got an excuse.

North Korea allegedly tested nuclear weapons earlier in the weekWhat That Means For You:You don't have to feel bad anymore when walking by that permanently empty Korean restaurant next to your dorm.

Congressman Mark Foley has admitted to flirting with underage boys onlineWhat That Means For You:You can finally come forward. It's all right.

Mel Gibson has given Diane Sawyer a tell-all interview on Good Morning America, admitting to personal demons and the struggle to stay soberWhat That Means For You:Now you've got a blueprint for damage control the next time you find yourself in a drunken, anti-semitic rage. Meaning, Thursdays are locked up, bro!

Internet giant Google has purchased YouTube for over a billion dollarsWhat That Means For You:Absolutely nothing, you penniless loser.