The following are four police reports from universities around America. Three of them are real. One is false. Can you spot the faker?

1) A non-student was sitting in front of Carroll Hall when an unknown individual threw a Mountain Dew can at him from an unknown location on the upper floors of Carroll Hall. Investigation pending.

2) University Police responded to a request from Waltham Police for assistance in apprehending a group of individuals yelling fraternity slogans in East Lot. When Waltham police officers arrived at the scene, the individuals ran into the woods

3) Campus patrol apprehended three male students and one female non-student who were caught near Potsdam Park trying to spray paint a deer. The perpetrators were brought in and interrogated at Wimbly Commons Police Station and released at 11:30pm.

4) A female student reported at 10:49 p.m. that a man sat down next to her in the library and began touching himself, which made her uncomfortable. She moved to a different part of the library, but the man followed her. She then reported the man to library staff, who called Public Safety. Public Safety responded and identified the man as a non-AU affiliated person. The Metropolitan Police Department was notified to do a warrant check on the man, which yielded no information. The man was then escorted off campus.

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