Yes, we've all seen it. Some of us might have even "blasted some knuckle children" or "stroked your weiner until some sticky stuff came out" to it. I am, of course, referring to this.

Now that those two lovely young ladies have experienced brief internet fame, as is becoming the case much more often, they have parlayed that into international reknown. Let's see what those girls have been up to recently.

Here they are at a recent Penn State football game. Can't see them? Let's zoom in a bit…
Ahh! There they are! So that must be what everyone is cheering about.

Oh, here they are testifying before the Senate that they were indeed above the age of consent. Too bad, Mark Foley. Maybe they have some much younger brothers.

Oh wow, would you look at that? The girls actually got onto the moon! Good thing they are wearing space helmets, otherwise they'd die…how can they kiss, though?

Yes folks, these girls can be found pretty much anywhere, so keep your eyes peeled. Anywhere, that is, except for your loft in your dorm. Sorry guys.