1. Call the Wilson brothers, Bill Murray, and Anjelica Huston to see if they are available. Assume Jeff Goldblum has nothing better to do.

2. Come up with a situation in which someone was at one point in their life a star but has since fallen from grace and is now "trying to find where he belongs".

3. Remake instrumental versions of classic 60's and 70's songs, make them 10 minutes long, play the whole thing.

4. Find each character one costume, do not change it.

5. Make sure somebody has a beard

6. Refrence things nobody will understand

7. Always remember, funny accents are… funny.

8. Have lots of one liners, but make them subtle

9. Have Bill Murray and another character fight over a girl but give it a twist. For instance: the girl is pregnant, or she's one of them's sister.

10. Silly red hats? Yes, of course.

11. If there is any way you can include an out-of-context underwater shot, by all means, do it.

12. Put a random Indian man in your movie.

13. Finally, when making your movie, be sure to always use your American Express card.