— Can we just go eat? I'm starving.

—Okay, I said fine! Just where?!

— I can do anything I'm not the picky one.

— All right. Pizza.

— No, I had pizza yesterday.

—Let's just go anywhere.

— McDonalds?

— Hahaha.

— Just kidding.

— I know. So gross.

— Would you go?

— Maybe. Would you?

— That would be so funny.

— I mean, remember when we went yesterday?

— Yeah that was good. I think I have a coupon on the back of my receipt.

— So we're really going?

— I mean it's pretty delicious.

— Yeah…

— Wanna go? Wanna just go?

— I'll go if you want.

— Seriously?

— I'm serious!

— Okay, lets go. So why did you laugh earlier?

— I was laughing because I thought you were kidding.

— I was kinda kidding.

— Okay so lets just go.

— Let's do it!

— So good.

— I'm loving it!

— Huh?

— That's the phrase.

— Let's just go.

— So funny.

— Hahaha.

— When we go let's pretend we're gay.