The following are four police reports from universities around America. Three of them are real. One is false. Can you spot the faker?

1) Petit Larceny: Sometime after 1900 hours on October 15, a jar of candy corn was stolen from the College Union.

2) A caller reported two seemingly intoxicated individuals begging passers by to "punch them in the face" near Union station. By the time campus patrol security arrived suspects were gone.

3) University student Dennis  told ACC Police that a man broke his jaw at about 2 a.m. at Boar's Head Bar on Washington Street. Dennis, who is a door keeper for the bar, told police that he was drinking at the bar when a man tried to instigate a fight with Dennis. Dennis said they worked it out, but later during the night he and the man were joking around and the man gave Dennis his phone number. Dennis told the man, "I will enter your phone number into my phone as fuck face. Is that OK?" Dennis said the man agreed, but while standing outside of the bar, the man punched Dennis. Dennis was taken to St. Mary's Hospital where his jaw was wired shut until he can have surgery.

4) There was a report of a goat taken sometime overnight.

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