I'm starting to think that these two groups have almost completely reversed their original points of view on almost everything.
-Believe in chivalry. (paying for dinner, tucking in chairs, etc…) - Don't believe in chivalry. (They want to split the bill, tuck in their own chair , etc…)
- Believe women should stay at home and do the "women work" (because they're only good for sex) while the men go out, day after day, andwork their asses off. (This makes men die earlier than women.) - Believe that the Women should be able to choose if they want to be the one who go to work everyday. ( Would cause women to die earlier than men.)
-Believe that women should only sleep with the man that they're married to, but men can sleep with any old skank. (I don't understand how that works)

- Believe that it should be socially acceptable for both women and men to engage in sexual relations with anyoneat any time. (anyone)

- Believe in marriage. -Believe marriage is only meant totie down women and givemen power.
- Wear overalls, live in trailers, and pick up skanks at bars. - Wear overalls, cut their hair like guys, and pick up skanks and guys at bars
- Hate women (except for sex) - Hate Men (except for sex)

Am I right, am I right? Totall 180.