Interior: High School Boy's Locker Room

Steve: Hey, Drew, why is it that you always wait until everybody else leaves before you change?

Drew: It's just, y'know, I don't want other dudes looking at my bare legs and stuff.

Steve: What's the big deal? You're not gay are you?

Drew: No way. Are you kidding? Don't even joke. About that, I mean. Don't joke about that specifically.

Steve: Wait a minute…

Drew (nervously): What…?

Steve: You wear tightie whities!

Drew: No, that's ridiculous. No, no, just, no.

Steve yanks down Drew's pants, revealing a tight pair of briefs as white as the driven snow

Steve (laughing): Everybody! Drew wears tighty whities!

Principal (walking in): Young man, you are a loser. (exits)

Drew: Shut up! Stop, look, this is a big misunderstanding. These are boxers. Just kind of bunched up a little, is all.

Steve: No they're not.

Drew: Well, I mean, boxer-briefs really. Like, a little bit brief, but pretty much 70% boxer.

Steve: Why are they white?

Drew: My stupid mom… she accidentally bleached them.