Summer, summer, summer time. Let us kick back and look at celebrities in bikinis. Now let me start my saying I TRIED to find other pics that did not involve bikinis, but it is July and that is impossible. So you guys are getting skin, skin and more skin. Plus a little gossip thrown in the mix too.

Let's get some non-sexy news out of the way…well, this could be kind of hot if you like the idea of Lindsay Lohan mashing gash. Oh, you do? GREAT! Yes, someone hacked into LiLo's MySpace account, and has revealed her sexy love letters to gal pal/celeb DJ Samantha Ronson (pictured in all her fugliness below). Yes, Lindsay might be a lesbo. Read her letters and get turned on here. [IDLYITW]

Paris Hilton is a big effing liar. After busting out of jail she told Larry King that she had NEVER done drugs, but then recently she was spotted puffing on a joint in a cloud of pot smoke outside an LA club. Okay I'll admit it: I really want to get high with her. I'm sure her weed is kind of slutty but really hot. And definitely pink and sparkly. But still totally dank! [IDLYITW]

Fergie's boyfriend, that douchebaggy frat guy from Transformers, Josh Duhamel, has installed a stripper pole in his house so Fergie Ferg can grind it while he busts a nut. Wouldn't it be cheaper just to go to a strip club? The girls are way hotter there too. [IDLYITW]


My favorite 30 minutes of vapid drama – The Hills – starts back up again on MTV on August 13th. Why should you watch this boring pile of shit? One reason:


Hulk Hogan's daughter Brooke is some sort of wannabee singer, and she apparently has gotten her boobies beautified. I never checked 'em out before but they look good…like if her dad was a hot chick with a nice rack. Wow – she really looks like a manly Cameron Diaz, doesn't she? [Egotastic]

Speaking of plastic surgery – Jessica Simpson has confessed to wanting it. And with good reason – she has a horse face that could use some fixing. [WWTDD]

Nicole Richie's trial has been postponed
until August because she wanted some fancy drug expert present at her trial. By that time, pregnant Nicole will probably weigh a massive 100 pounds! Her baby is going to be the size of a tadpole when it swims out of her. [CelebSlam]


Save the cheerleader from the water! [Egotastic]

Here is Kim Kardashian getting out of a vehicle without flashing her labias, and yet it's still really hot. [CelebrityBabylon]

Check out this video of some dumb British ho getting the world's stupidest tattoo on her ass. [NinjaDude]

This is less bikini and more holy shitkini. Friends, meet CoCo, Ice T's wife. So fucking gangsta. [Hollywood Tuna]

In case you need one more reason to watch The Hills next month, here you go [HollywoodTuna]:

Montag, you're it.