Dear Abby,

Lately my relationship has been struggling. I mean when we first got together, everything seemed perfect, I had wanted her for months, and she was just the type that needed to be used by somebody, and we were both more than happy that we had found each other. The bliss at first was merely an illusion, our relationship a ticking time bomb full of frustration.

The first thing that went wrong, as in most relationships, was our lines of communications were broken. It was like she just didn’t understand me. I would ask her to do something simple, like hit the cue ball when we played pool, or throw a bowling ball, and she would just freak out and be like “I just don’t understand what you’re wanting me to do.” It was like I was moving too fast for her at times, but she would never come out and say that.

Then she would chastise me and make me feel stupid by telling me things I already knew, like how to hold her, and what buttons of hers to push. And that was that, afterwards she expected me to go on like nothing happened, there was never any closure to our misunderstandings.

She also used to promise we could hang out with my friends, that she was intended to be social like that, but the longer we’re together, the more time were spending alone, away from all our friends. Now many of the things we do, things that I think would be great with a friend or too, she insists that we do alone, sucking a lot of the fun out of us.

I should have seen this coming, for I had a frustrating one-night stand with a girl just like her, and all the symptoms of problems we’ve had were there, but I ignored them. I want your opinion, is there any saving this relationship, or should we cut our losses and move on?


Frustrated Wii Owner