To those of you who said Rutgers can only beat crappy teams: You are correct. Pittsburgh sucks. Here's the rest:

1. Ohio State (63) – Fact: Ohio State Wide Receiver Ted Ginn Jr. had a higher passer rating than Indiana's Quarterback, and Ohio State's QB, Troy Smith, had more yards rushing than Indiana's entire team. O-H, N-O!

2. Michigan – Is it just me or is there a huge drop off between #1 and #2? My soultion: Crown OSU as NCAA Champs and have a Michigan/USC second place game.

3. USC – Good news for Trojan fans: USC didn't almost lose to a horrible team this week! Bad news: they were on bye.

4. West Virginia (2) – I cannot believe West Virginia/Louisville is a a battle between two top ten teams. Sidenote: if Louisville wins, you think these two first place voters will give their votes to Louisville? Hey, to be the fourth best, you need to BEAT the fourth best!

5. Texas – Texas is what's amazing about college football. You lose star players year after year, yet the teams stay great. Can you see the Colts being a top 5 team without Peyton Manning? Also, Limas Sweed, best name in College Sports?

6. Louisville – Louisville has beaten scrubs like Miami, but their next two games are against BCS powerhouses West Virginia and Rutgers. Let's see what they're made of.

7. Auburn – Tommy Tuberville says SEC needs needs a playoff system because the teams are too good. Otherwise, nobody will make the Championship game from their conference. How do you think Mississippi State feels?

8. Tennessee – The Vol's scored ten points in the final quarter to dash the hopes and dreams of over 100,000 Bama fans who have absolutely nothing else to play for this year. Roll Tide!!!

9.Florida – Hey remember when people thought the Gators were the second best team in the nation? Yeah, that was cute.

10.Clemson – Any Clemson fans out there? Let me know if any local papers had the headline "Tigers Really Drop the Ball" after dominating Georgia Tech's QB. I'm pretty good at predicting sports related pun headlines.

11.Notre Dame – I actually saw the Notre Dame/UCLA game and Charlie Weiss went for it on 4th and 6, on UCLA's 10 with five minutes left in the third, and Notre Dame was down 14-10. I've taken Madden pre-season games more seriously than that. But hey, they won the game, so what do I know…

12.California – With USC taking a week off, it was up to Cal to play the role of good Pac-10 team playing down to the level of their competition. I mean… Go bears?

13.ArkansasBCS Paradox: If Arkansas can stay unbeaten in the SEC will they pass USC as #2? Note: SC beat the Razorbacks 50-14 back in September.

14.LSULSU is the fifth best team in the SEC and is 14th in the nation. Just to put things in perspective, the fifth best team in the Pac-10 is Oregon State.

15.Boise State – Broncos RB runs for 181 yards and 4 scores, and his coach gives him this truly inspiring vote of confidence "If we give Ian a chance, he's always going to get positive yards." Congrats Ian, Coach can always count on you to break zero!

16.Rutgers – You all were laughing when Rutgers beat Ohio and Howard. Everybody thought it was 'cute' when they beat South Florida and Illinois. We'll see who's laughing when Rutgers plays Ohio State on January 4th. Answer: Jim Tressel.

17.Wisconsin – P.J. Hill is 5'11" 250 pounds and hes nineteen years old. By my calculations, Hill will enter the NFL as a 7'3" 815 pound fullback… with a heart of gold.

18.Boston College – Boston College was 8 seconds away from being 7-0, unfortunately they lost to NC State and now the best they can shoot for is the Meineke Car Care Bowl in Charlotte. So it goes in the world of College Football. Speaking of which, anybody wanna go halvsies and sponsor a bowl game? Evidently its like 50 bucks a pop.

19.Oklahoma – Who needs Adrian Peterson? If Oklahoma can keep all opposing QBs under 40 yards passing, Sooners could win with Bob Stoops at RB… provided they can fashion a helmet that could fit a visor.

20.Nebraska – When Bill Callahan lead the raiders to a 4-12 season he seemed like an idiot. Now I realize Callahan is a brilliant football mastermind who was actually able to lead the Raiders to four victories… in one year!

21.Georgia Tech – As the game slipped away from GaTech, Calvin Johnson was only thrown to twice in the second half. This team doesn't deserve to be in the top 100 with that attitude. Just give him the damn ball, Ball.

22.Texas A&M – Forget what I said about Limas Sweed. Jorvorskie Lane, best name in College Sports. It's perfect if a town wants to rename a street after him.

23.Missouri – Missouri better hope the Aggies keep winning, because after their loss at A&M last week, they'll never able to be ranked higher than them. EVER!

24.Wake Forest – Oh, hey Wake Forest. Are you guys lost? Actually, I think basketball season is down the hall. Oh, no problem. Great, see ya.

25.Duke – Looking real poised to get that first W. This is just a top 10 team in disguise…