A Jewish commando that runs a microbrewery on the side:He-brewer

Three gay orderlies who work in an retirement home:Fruits and Vegetables

A secretary is fired for being far too bashful and decides to get a job in a sewer:Flushed Down The Toilet

A buddy comedy about two cops. One is mentally handicapped and the other is Native American:Tard and Feathered

A tragic plague strikes in bucolic, early-20th century England and the bereaved, anthropomorphic wives of the dead develop severe flatulence for some reason:The Wind In The Widows

John Wayne died in 1979 and was reincarnated as a female housekeeper, however, his soul was too strong to be kept down and the woman becomes the new Duke:Maid Marion

A newlywed couple of computer geeks repeatedly attempt to have children but are never able to due to wacky misunderstandings:Abort, Retry, Fail?

The story of how and why Gregor Mendel, father of genetics, gave up on women and became a monk:His Peas And Herpes

US Olympic swimmer Chez Chetterson had an accident of the neurological variety during the 2004 Summer Games in Athens and was mentally sent back in time to the first Olympic games in Athens – in 776 BC:The Backstroke

The commission and building of the Hoover Dam in the 1920's and 30's and all of the corruption, debauchery, uninhibited sex and murder involved:Dam!