You need money. You need a lot of money. Right now you're probably 2 bad decisions away from selling coke out of your North Face backpack or growing pot under your bed. Inevitably you're going to have to cut some corners to put a little extra cash in your pocket. You need to stop living a life of luxury and start downgrading. Here's how it'll go…

Meal plan

21 meals/week▼14 meals/week▼7 meals/week▼Wendy's Big Bacon Classic▼Burger King's Whopper▼Your roommate's trash▼Your roommate▼McDonald's dollar menu

EntertainmentMovie theater▼DVDs▼TV▼Halo 2▼Pranks on roommates▼Staring at nothing in particular▼Reading

AlcoholBud▼Corona▼Natty▼Natty Ice▼Busch▼Rubbing Alcohol▼Paying a drunk hobo to breathe in your mouth

Toilet PaperFlower print quadruple ply extra soft Charmin Ultra▼Pink, double ply Cottonelle▼Generic grocery store single ply▼Bounty paper towels▼Your left sock▼Nothing

Hooking UpHead cheerleader ▼Roommate's sister▼Cute girl in psych▼Fat girl in bio▼Other fat girl in bio▼Condom filled with microwaved pudding