Listen up, wannabe fuckers, I'm gonna tell you how to fuck. Because I know how to fuck. I mean, like, me I know how to fuck. I don't need to be told how to fuck. It's like: fucker? That's me. I mean, I fuck. A lot. You guys? Like, y'all don't know how to fuck. Y'all be trying to fuck, but do you know how to fuck? Fuck no, you don't know how to fuck. I know how to fuck. Of all the fuckers in the world… I'm one. A – number one. Maybe the best. Fucking Best. Fucking Best At Fucking. OK, so this is how you fuck:

First you find a girl. A fucking girl, fucker. I mean a bitch. A fucking bitch, you fucking fucky fuck. And nah, I don't mean like "this fucking bitch right here," I mean a real fucking bitch. Like a bitch that's for fucking. A fucking bitch, got it? OK. So you take the fucking bitch and then you go at her and then you fuck and that's how fuck, OK? Like it's fucking easy. Easy to fuck, got it? Like your mom.

Fuck you.