This week's man of the century is Virginia Tech's Phill Hess, who created the season's most impressive Jack-O-Lantern:

Don't believe it's real? Check out some of the close-ups.

Though we've received hundreds of jack-o-lantern submissions ranging from the pornographic to the nostalgic, this one is easily the most impressive. I'm no expert and I've done no research, but I'm ready to declare this the single greatest work of art ever committed to the medium of pumpkin. Look at the detail on the brow. Look at the extra attention that went into projecting TRUTHINESS in the back wall. Look at the way Colbert's gaze pierces your very soul. This is more than a jack-o-lantern – this is a masterpiece-o-lantern.

Phill reports that, from start to finish, the pumpkin took four hours to complete. The entire project was completed with an exacto knife. "Getting the TRUTHINESS to project on the wall correctly was the hardest part," Phil said in an exclusive interview, "much harder than the face."

This isn't Phill's first Jack-O-Lantern to grace CollegeHumor. Last year, he submitted this Hokie-O-Lantern. If he doesn't send in something better than the Colbert-O-Lantern next year, his Man of the Century status will be revoked.

Congratulations Phill! You are truly the MAN OF THE CENTURY.

Here's some of our other favorites from over the years: