When the question "who would win if Superman and Batman were to fight to the death?" is asked, everyone immediately answers "Superman, duh. What kind of a question is that? I mean he is the man of steel. I don't think anyone could beet superman just because he's faster then a speeding bullet," or as Kayla Greenberg of Kenyon College so eloquently put it, "I think Superman is better just cause of his cape." Or the response of Drew Seid of F & M, "Superman could kick Batman's patoot"

I would like to offer my views on the controversial topic. Of course it is controversial because both of these childhood heroes wear tights. I agree with everyone that superman would win, but people don't give Batman enough credit. He would put up a better fight then people think he would.

As any literate person knows Superman is not human and Batman is. This gives Superman an obvious advantage. In recorded history no human has ever flown, or had X-ray vision, or any of the superpowers that Superman has. But while no human has been able to personally achieve any of these feats, humans in general have. We can fly in airplanes, we can see through things with X-ray machines, we can blow really cold air that freeze's things. What I am trying to say is that if Batman were to modify his utility belt he could easily have all of the superpowers that Superman has, if not more. With these modifications, except for the fact that superman is invincible and Batman isn't, the field is even. So, now think of each hero's alter ego. Who is Clark Kent? A wussy journalist with a nice apartment and two friends. Who is Bruce Wayne? A multi-millionaire with political power, a new fiancée for every movie, and a cool butler. Bruce is far more successful. But more importantly, as I said, he is a multi-millionaire. What is the only thing that can kill Superman? If you just said Chicago's tap water, you were wrong, but good guess. The correct response is kryptonite. It is a rare commodity that only his worst enemies get possession of. With some of his money or political connections Wayne could easily get his hands on some kryptonite. With kryptonite all he would have to do is fashion a bullet and shoot superman, which won't be easy but is possible. And as they say "that which is possible is less than likely to happen, and that which already happened may happen again if the conditions are similar, and that which was going to happen but didn't, still might happen, and if you will something to happen, if your will is strong enough, it happens, and that which is impossible is only impossible if we accept it as an inevitability." It is clear, with his power, money, and butler, that Batman has got a better shot than people think he does. Even the authors agree with me. The clash between the two superheroes was played out in a comic book, and believe it or not Batman came out on top. I guess that makes my article antiquated (that's just a big word for "'late'). Well, I hope I shed new light on the topic, and you will hesitate slightly before answering someone the next time they ask you "who would win if Superman and Batman were to fight to the death?" because Batman would do the same for you.