The following are four police reports from universities around America. Three of them are real. One is false. Can you spot the faker?

1) 9:30pm, Oct. 27: Public Safety officers responded to reports of a male student running naked. Officers conducted a field investigation, identified a suspect, formulated a report and submitted it to student affairs.

2) 12:32 a.m. Oct. 20: Security responded to Herriott Residence Hall based on report of two subjects having sex in a 2nd floor men's restroom. Upon arrival, 25 to 30 onlookers had gathered in the hallway and were immediately cleared from the area.

3) 12:57am. Sept. 27: Report of a stolen Chick-Fil-A sandwich at the student center.

4) 1:22am. October 1: Two campus security guards were alerted when they found two Taco-Taco employees urinating, supposedly into food ingredients. Employees were questioned but not detained as no evidence was found near the campus restaurant.

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