After thousands of years in secrecy, a Ninjitsu secret native to Mr. Miyagi's bloodline has been unearthed, allowing legions to become inebriated right under Big Brother's nose.

Here's what you need:

  • A cigarette
  • Some hashish (you can easily make your own; search the web)
  • A paper clip
  • Eraser from a mechanical pencil
  • Small strip of cardboard (piece of a cigarette box works perfect)
  • Flat clean surface
  • 10 minutes
  • First, roll the cigarette between your fingers and let all the tobacco fall onto your surface. Get it in a nice little pile. You can either heat the hash with a lighter until it becomes soft and massage it into the tobacco or pulverize it into powder and sprinkle it on the pile (or you might be so lucky as to possess upressed hash, which is powder to begin with and works best for this purpose).

    Now form a plunger by unwinding the paper clip straight and poking the eraser onto one end. Then carefully stuff the spiked tobacco back into the cigarette with your plunger until it is full (you will have some tobacco left over, because you can't pack it back as tight as it originally was). Then turn the cigarette around and use the wire end of your plunger to run around the edges between the filter and the paper to dislodge the filter so you can pull it out. After removing the filter, roll up a piece of carboard roughly the same size and put it where the filter was (this is so you can fill up that space without actually having a filter, which would catch some precious THC). Last walk outside and light up, awkwardly conversing with the other smoke-break-ers as usual, only you're getting more stoned with each drag. By the time you're done with the cigarette you're going to need to sit down, because apart from the inherent potency of hash, most cigarettes contain chemicals that speed up and maximize absorption of nicotine (and in your case, THC). You may be wondering about smell, but if you've smoked hash you'll know that most hash does not have a very strong smell; definitely not enough to get through the smell of tobacco, especially since the ratio of tobacco to hash is so high.

    Express Preparation

    If you are willing to sacrifice a bit of stealth, you can make a hash cig a lot quicker and easier by rolling a compact tobacco-hash joint and inserting it into a gutted cigarette instead of actually hand packing the tobacco back in. This looks a bit more conspicuous, but can't really be noticed unless someone looks close at it before you light it.

    Even quicker, you can remove only a bit of tobacco from the cig and pour a layer or two of hash in and pack it back full, but make sure you know where the hash is in relation to the length of the cigarette because if you aren't dragging when it burns down to your hash layer some will be wasted.

    Happy Toking.