Those of us who follow politics will certainly know that two great political careers were forged in the hot jungles of Peru during the 1987 filming of the 20 Century Fox blockbuster Predator.Jesse Ventura went on to claim governor duties in Minnesota in 1998 while Arnold Schwarzenegger made his way to the same title in California in 2003.However, the spirit of political leadership touched the entire cast that magical summer, and each man left his mark on our rich political tapestry in his own way:

BIll Duke, a.k.a. "Mac" – Mayor of Inglewood, CA: 1996-1999

Does being a perennially scary looking black dude make you qualified to preside as mayor over an urban California city?Hell yes it does.Duke built a reputation as being tough on crime in Inglewood and beyond, and spent much of his term in office preparing defense strategies for a hypothetical Predator attack in Inglewood, loosely based on Predator II.He even drew scrutiny by publicly claiming then-governor-elect Jesse Ventura was “soft on predators” for failing to implement a predator contingency plan in Minnesota.Widely known for his micro-management, when a drought hit the city in 1998 he immediately issued 250,000 combat knives for water-free shaving purposes.No-one could have known this would lead to widespread violence in the streets.Sadly and ironically, Duke was killed when his head exploded while inside a hollowed-out sequoia during an Earth Day celebration in 1999.

Sonny Landham, a.k.a. "Billy" – Nevada State Senator: 2001-Present

After a lucrative career during the crappy action movie factory known as the “1980s,” Sonny Landham returned to his home state of Nevada intent on bringing his ass-kicking mentality to state government.Always a man of few words, his entire ad campaign consisted of a five second clip from the 1988 film “Action Jackson” in which he was thrown through a window by Predator co-star Carl Weathers.Nevada voters responded in record numbers.Rarely seen without his signature camouflage vest and headband, Sonny has championed countless causes ranging from camouflage vest tariffs to headband recycling.Oddly, senator Landham is widely known for being either unwilling or unable to verbally communicate with any of his colleagues in the legislature.Even more amazing is how this fact did nothing to keep him from being elected Senate Majority Leader in 2004.Although Landham is wanted for questioning on several unsolved prostitute homicides in the Carson City area, it’s doubtful that this will slow his meteoric rise to power in Nevada state government.

Predator, a.k.a. "The Predator" – Student Government: 1993-1999

Predator was determined to break into the entertainment industry despite his unique appearance.After several off-Broadway plays including A Raisin in the Sun and a theatrical adaptation of Caddyshack he struck gold with the Predator franchise and dreamed of a lucrative career as Hollywood royalty.However, after being bounced around several talent agencies, Predator began to realize that his role in Predator had type-casted him and precluded him from booking other roles.Dejected, he enrolled at Chico State in 1992 to study electrical engineering, eventually going on to write his thesis paper on shoulder-laser technology.Predator became active in student government as a freshman when his dorm’s policy on quiet hours prevented him from hunting and de-skulling his floormates.His spirit of activism continued until his tragic death at the hands of Danny Glover, who was visiting as a guest speaker.Chico State students responded by erecting an eternal flame in his honor, which was left unattended and extinguished three days later.

Carl Weathers, a.k.a. "Dillon" – Cook County Judge: 2005-Present

Carl Weathers was never a man to rest on his laurels.When his cinematic roles began to dry up in the mid 1990s due to a vicious Hollywood rumor that he and Bill Dee Williams were actually the same person, he sought a second career in the practice of law.After graduating from Yale, he began working as a prosecutor in Chicago’s south side.It was widely rumored at the time that Weathers’ sweet moustache had actually taken the bar exam by itself while Carl slept in.It wasn’t long before the governor of Illinois came calling and appointed Weathers as municipal judge.Since then, Weathers has become known for using his equitable discretion to sentence first-time offenders to bizarre training montages (similar to the one found in Rocky III) and for ditching the traditional black robe in exchange for his “Uncle Sam” outfit made famous in Rocky IV.Despite his unorthodox style, Weathers’ methods appear to be working: crime is down in Chicago for the first time in decades.