So it's a Wednesday night and there's nowhere to party. You and a couple friends sit in your room deciding what to do since that kind of cute, chubby girl down the hall said she had work to do and couldn't "watch a movie with you." Well good news! She has herpes anyways, and I've come up with a drinking game to help you and your friends forget all about girls. It's called Guitar Hero (The Drinking Game). No you may think to yourself, "What the hell is guitar hero?" and in that case you need to go out and buy this game for PS2 right now. It is sweeping the nation, sort of, and its turning normal kids into video game nerds. It's a lot like dance, dance revolution but you don't look like an ass while you do it! It is a sweet plastic guitar that you can pretend to rock out on. Now before this game begins make sure the people you play with are similar in their Guitar Hero skills. Otherwise, the guy who kicks ass at the game will get everyone else retarded and probably take advantage of you. The game begins by the group picking a song. One person starts playing it and from here on in it becomes a lot like Popcorn (2nd grade game in which you yell someone's name and they pick up reading where you left off). You are only allowed to pass the guitar when you are in the yellow ROCK level area. If you get a star power everyone must drink until the power runs out. If you fail the song you must drink a whole can of beer. And there you have it! A game for rockers, jocks, and geeks alike who just want to get trashed. After you finish off all the beer you can find, you should probably go out and talk to some girls. Otherwise, girls will start to think your gay and Guitar Hero will ruin your life" .