Dear Mom and Dad,

I am writing you this letter because I have made an important life choice and feel that you should know about it.I have learned quite a bit in my days here at college.The past three years have been amazing.The people, the classes, the environment have been spectacular and given me a unique perspective on life.I thank you for your support and contribution into my education.I feel though that the doors this university has opened for me are not what I want to do in life.I want to flip houses.

I can understand you might be frustrated with this choice of lifestyle for me.I think you’ll change your mind when I flip a house in two weeks and make over $150,000.If there is one thing I really got a solid grasp on and understood in my time here, it was house flipping.Of everything I studied I think flipping houses is the soundest profession.I’ve never seen anyone fail, whereas half of my physics class failed for sure.I know the ins and is no way this can go wrong.

I know you’re asking yourself, “What does he know about flipping a house?”Don’t worry.It’s all about curb appeal.First impressions are everything in the real estate business.The most important room in the house… kitchen.Granite slab increases it to max value with minimal cost.I can work the deadline.I know how tough it can be when the open house is on Sunday, the floor guy can’t put it down until the walls are painted, and Carlos, the painter, has vanished until the Friday before.I’m willing to deal with years of mold in the floor that somehow people lived in unison with.It will all be ok.

Parents, I hope you can support my life decision.Please don’t think of the three years tuition as a waste.When I did skip class it was for a Flip that House marathon on TLC.That kind of education you can only get from your cable or satellite provider.I will be waiting for your response.

Your Son,