*inspiration from baaaaaallin, and Pop Doc Noisewater’s friend

Driving down, to Chinatown, by way of Indiana,

A blue striped globe, and flashing strobe,

Caught our eyes in a city.

We pulled over, set to stride and gazed upon what field,

Ten thousand men and women stood,

in a championship of track and shield.

I felt a buzzing in my soul, and looked around for help,

My friends had gone to frolic on,

They were up to some shit.

And sexual chocolate gripped my heart

I did not see, but felt it.

I cruised the mob, let out a sob,

Where’d my friends gone now?

I looked around and heard a sound,

A smack, a lick and grind.

Turned left and right, didn’t feel it go,

But surely I’d lost my mind.

Shotputssoar, and pumped fans roar,

As runners grow wings and fly.

But I’m deaf to all their screams and spit

Sexual chocolate, I hear it.

The crowd dies down,

Starts milling around, and an opening appears

There he lies with thunder thighs,

With mischief seeping from him.

That fat man with the turkey leg,

Belly full of Mitch and Greg

And I can’t help but feel it in my bones.

Hoffa, they say’s his name,

Like a legend born of flame.

Many know him,

Some might fear him

But he’s sexual chocolate if I ever saw it.