A couple weeks ago I said Billy Walsh was crazy. I was right, but I didn’t know how right until he got a tattoo this week. Billy is not someone I think of as a tough guy. He’s definitely not someone I’d expect to see getting inked in a tattoo parlor with “Ace of Spades,” playing in the background, but there he was this week, getting a giant tattoo of Vince’s face on his back. The enormous fake mustache makes Vince look like a child molester in it. Sure it’s a Medellin tattoo, but, if I were Vince, I’d be kind of creeped out by it. And by that I mean really, really creeped out.

He didn’t use all of his crazy up on the tattoo though. He saved some to antagonize E. The two finally came to blows this week. I think E won the initial fight, but it’s not over. He pushed E’s buttons again later during a group interview, where he wore a bright red t-shirt with the words “SUITS SUCK,” written in the same style as the old “MAKE 7, UP YOURS” shirts.

The feuding isn’t going to end any time soon. Next week’s preview foreshadows Vince, E and Billy working together on their next project, Lost in the Clouds. I do enjoy seeing Billy get crazier and crazier, but I’m getting tired of him. He’s annoying.

The big mystery is still: Did E leak the Medellin trailer? I don’t want to think he did, but I do. How else could it have happened? I don’t think we’re ever going to find out. It seems like a dead storyline now.

Ari and Lloyd were like the talent-agency version of Batman and gay Robin this week. When they found out that Heath Ledger was going to get the next part Vince wanted they swooped into action and convinced Ledger’s new agent, Josh Weinstein, that it was another gay movie. They told him that two gay movies in a row is too many, and he believed every word. Weinstein sounds like an excited schoolboy when he talks about Ledger. He's so not a good agent.

I must say, Drama does a lot of ridiculous things, but this week was up there. He spent half the episode trying to get a trucker hat from a medicinal marijuana store. He refused to swallow his pride and admit that he wasn’t in perfect physical health to obtain a prescription for marijuana, so he could get the hat. He showed up to work dressed like a 15-year-old sk8r boy. Then he smoked himself retarded playing strip or smoke blackjack in his luxury trailer with a bunch of hot 20 year olds. Turtle even mentored Drama while he was bugging out.

If it weren’t for Flight of the Concords I would have turned my TV off right after the episode ended and missed this badass Medellin trailer (notice the url is medellinthefilm.com). It looks like a pretty rad movie. The only thing that bothers me about it is the scene where Vince is standing with his arms wide open, facing the sky while the wind blows money all around him. I don’t think anyone would actually stand around like that in real life unless they were really, really f*cked on coke. That and it looks like something out of a Creed video, with money substituted for rain.

Other Highlights
  • Snoop Dog cameo: pretty sweet, but in an episode where the major Drama/Turtle plot had to do with medicinal marijuana, I can’t help feel like it could have been so much better.
  • A lot of good Lloyd moments: hitting on E, telling Ari Heath Ledger’s stats, and ordering celebratory woo woos.
  • Best Lloyd line of the episode: “Oh goody, we haven’t had a stealth adventure in a while.”
  • A glimpse into Turtle’s smoking rituals: lying on a fancy couch by himself and listening to smooth R&B. It's classy like cinemax porn.