— Wow, that one looks like a dog.

— I don't see it.

— See the big cloud is the head, and the two smaller ones are the ears.

— Oh yeah!

— But the whole formation looks like a funnel to me.

— Where?

— Like the whole thing. It looks like a funnel or an upside down traffic cone.

— I can't quite visualize it.

— See how the debris from the church is moving around clockwise?

— Yeah, I can see that.

— So from up there, all the way to the ground where the schoolhouse is collapsing.

— Near the crying children? And the parents screaming? Trying to out-yell the winds?

— Right.

— I can't see it… Point to specific parts like I did.

— Okay well, see where the archive of wedding photos from the library is just getting soaked beyond recognition?

— Right.

— Umm, and right below that? There are those flattened cats from getting thrown into the side of that general store? Just blood and fur at this point.

— Yeah. Near the baby that's just sorta floating in the eye of the storm?

— Right. Wait. Which baby? I'm talking about the one that's too young to talk, asking for his mama with his eyes. Sorta getting thrown up against a jagged chimney.

— Okay, mine is impaled on a weather vane.

— Same baby. So up there is like the top of the cone…

— I can sorta see that, yeah.

— …and then down there is the base of it.

— I kinda see an ice cream cone.

— Right. Funnel, ice cream cone, whatever.

— Oh, I also see a mousey!

Special thanks to co-tornado watcher Dan Gurewitch.