Want some creative Halloween costumes? Here's a few that will help you dress like your favorite sports star!

A hypodermic needle, a melon baller, and a "house for sale" sign: Barry Bonds

Shoe polish and a time machine: Kenny Rogers

A subscription to GQ, a copy of Jungle Fever, and a handful of excuses: Alex Rodriguez

Four gold watches: Roger Clemens

An equivalency diploma, a championship ring, and a bullet proof vest: Maurice Clarrett

20,000 empty seats: the NHL

Testosterone pills and a yellow jersey, slightly used: Floyd Landis

A walker, Metamucil, and a two-year contract: Jamie Moyer

A bike helmet, an appendix, and a clean bill of health: Anyone but Ben Roethlisberger

Crutches and a copy of Madden 2007: Shaun Alexander

A bottle of pills, a sharpie, and a new publicist: Terrell Owens

A play book and a comfortable seat cushion: Drew Bledsoe

A fifth of Jack Daniels, car keys, and a pint of blood: Steve Foley

A copy of "The Rules" and a 9PM curfew: Duke Men's Lacrosse

A breathalyser and a cell mate: Koren Robinson

A mask: A Raider fan, but not for the usual reason

An empty shelf with a place for the Ryder Cup, the Davis Cup, the World Cup, a trophy from the World Basketball Championships, and several gold medals: The United States

A copy of the syllabus from "Intro to Ethics" and a hundred thousand dollars: Reggie Bush

A soccer ball, a headband, and a hot sister: Zenidine Zidane

A Spanish to English Dictionary and a gag order: Steve Lyons