The Facebook Challenge is back, and I've got a whole new batch of awful groups for you! Two weeks ago Jim won himself a free BustedTee in about 36 hours with his group There's no way Doogie Howser could have happened in real life. I think you guys can do it in half that time.

We all know the rules: register one of the following groups, get 1000 people to join and email me the link when you've completed the task at Streeter.Seidell First one in wins a Free BustedTee. Also, remember to make your group global so anybody can join. But enough talk, here are the groups. Good Luck!

The Groups

  • Did you hear about Aaron Carter and Shaq? Crazy!
  • Bro-dawg, let's rip it up this weekend
  • Three cheers for the Internet genius
  • The largest anti-napping, pro-productivity group on Facebook
  • I was slimed on Family Double Dare in 1987
  • Man, Garfield sure is a fat, lazy asshole
  • Palindromes rule elursem ordni lap
  • I think Nicole Ritchie looks good. Anybody else?
  • Flossing is for fags. I'm all brush, all the time.
  • The Dudes Who Watch Grey's Anatomy Society
  • If 40,000 people join this group I will do something!
  • Who else remembers when McDonalds had a lobster roll?
  • Remember that time we did that thing and that dude was there?
  • Damn, I totally had the idea for that OK Go treadmill video like 2 years ago
  • You looking at my girlfriend, bro?
  • A shart is a fart with a little more determination
  • Baby, last night was magical. Now can you please turn me back into a human?
  • Rules: In order to win you must register the group, get 1,000 people to join and email me a link at streeter.seidell at Gmail dot com. The first person to complete this task wins. If the above groups are already taken, email me and I'll assign you a new one that isn't registered yet. Good luck!

    Also, while you're at it, join the official CollegeHumor Facebook group.