Letter-bag Linda:

To be fair, these letter-baged ladies aren't the only peds to ruff up and ruin a walk to class. You see them on any given day. They walk down a sidewalk, arm in arm, maybe yacking on their cell phones when it happens.

The Sidewalk Showdown.

Its a rainy day. Your walking to class and already pissed because the water is crawling up the bottom of your pants and soaking the your socks when you see them… They are walking arm in arm. The dreaded awkardness occurs. On any other day, a person would be nice enough to move a step over and leave enough room for a fellow Ped on the way to class, but not today, because the sky is falling and she spent 45 mins. doing her hair this morning. You try your best to make eye contact and flash a smile of recognition, almost as if your asking her permission, but its useless. The one umbrella between these two girls is the only thing protecting them from the falling sky.
They are coming closer.
"No way, Jose." you think to yourself, refusing to back down.
Then it happens.
Just then, right before a possible shoulder altercation, you step off the sidewalk into a puddle of cold muddywater and other collegetown road juices.

You have lost sidewalk chicken, your dignity, AND you stepped in a puddle of shit. Have a nice day Letterbagged ladies, becuse I'm going to be soggy and uncomfortable for the next 4 hours while I take notes.