Just answer the questions below to see if the party you're throwing this weekend will be off the hook, or on it!

What is the theme of your party?
Friends & Family (0 points)
Dungeons & Dragons (1 point)
Pimps & Hoes (2 points)
Naked & Naked (3 points)

How many kegs do you plan on buying?
1 root beer keg (0 points)
1 keg (1 points)
2 kegs (2 points)
Enough to play Donkey Kong in real life afterwards (3 points)

Will there be girls at your party?
Only the best girl in the whole world, my mom! (0 points)
No (1 point)
Yes, several (2 points)
Yes, a bajillion, which is 2 bajillion titties.

What are your roommates like?
They have families and lots of stupid babies (0 points)
They're a bunch of nerd-os that study all day and go to sleep at 10 pm. (1 point)
They're usually not home (2 points)
I live with these hot nudist girls that sell weed, juggle fire and put out. (3 points)

How concerned are you with losing your security deposit?
Very concerned, I have student loans to pay and bla bla bla (0 points)
I'll let people have fun, within reason (1 point)
This place could use a few holes in the wall. They add character (2 points)
Let's burn this f*cker down (3 points)

What music will you be playing at the party?
Jock Jamz (0 points)
All the best Disney soundtracks (1 point)
Normal stuff that people like to dance to (2 points)
Andrew WK, and he'll be there (3 points)

When will your party end?
Right after Battlestar Galactica (0 points)
People will probably filter out when it's time (1 point)
When the kegs are kicked (2 points)
In a couple weeks (3 points)

The next morning, you'll wake up:
On your floor (0 points)
On someone else's floor (1 point)
On Emilio Estevez's floor (2 points)
Pregnant (3 points)