When CH began the post feature on the site, they figured it would go over nicely. They assumed people would post things like "I saw that sign on my way to work, but I totally thought it was real. It's hard to argue the fact that fag weiner's are tasty." Regardless of what they anticipated, CH has seen an explosion of posts on practically everything they've put up. Here are some of the different types of posts we've seen.

One Word Posts of Approval: "Nice," "Cool," "Awesome," "Sweet," "Hilarious," "Wow," and my personal favorite "BYAHHH!" fall under this category. The word on the street is that CH makes money for every post we make, so they're definitely not going to complain. However, in all honesty, these posts are as worthless as a toboggan in June. The worst part is that they wouldn't be nearly as useless if you just added a simple noun like, "Nice Pants," "Cool Pants" or "BYAHHH! PANTS!"

Upset Fan Post: So, you think you've uploaded a picture twice as funny as the one you are looking at, and you want everyone to know? Why not post something like, "So, how much do you guys pay the handicapped monkey who picks your pictures for you?" or "Common, guys. Way to drop the ball on this one. The picture I sent last week of a flying squirrel with a Twix in its mouth was way better than this crap." Because CH doesn't care what you think's funny. They know what's funny. It's their job. Would you tell a sushi chef what a tuna looks like? I think not.

Confused Patron Post: This is my real pet peave. It's not people that think a picture isn't funny, or that they remember seeing it 3 years ago on the site (how anyone can remember a picture from 3 years ago is beyond me). These people post to let us all know that they can't figure out why what they're looking at is funny. The thing is: they know that it's funny. They look at it and they think, "that's funny," but they still feel the need to put up a post like, "Am I missing something here?" or, "WTF?" Next time you find yourself about to do that, do us all a favor and Google the tags. That's what they're there for.

Lonely, Lonely, Guy Post: These posts are so sad that I usually laugh just to keep from crying. These posters start by claiming that they are not gay, then say something like, "" but this girl just doesn't do it for me." Meanwhile every other poster unanimously agrees that this is the hottest girl since the Canadian bartender. God, she was hot. All I can say is, "Get out of the closet, Mr. Cruise. Get out of the closet right now."

Awful Attempts At Smooth Lines Post: There are 4 hotties posting on CH, and we all know exactly who they are (Sarah, Marah, Rachel, and Caroline). They post something normal enough like, "I like the way this transformer transforms." Within minutes a string of guys reply with things like, "You can transform all over me anytime, Marah," or "Come to my school for a weekend, and I'll show you my own little transformer, Sarah." Watch out Sarah, I think he's talking about his winky doodle. These posts are almost always followed by the"

Making Fun Of The Bad Pickup Lines Post: These posts are made in an atmept to convince Marah, Sarah, Rachel, and Caroline that the previous poster doesn't deserve their love. These posts are a desperate attempt to show off the poster's wit, and might end up looking something like, "haha – Dan C. admitted that his "transformer" is small. What a nerdy dorky loser. Dan C. is such a loser, even Horvath thinks he's a loser." Some people take this genre of post a step further and write the"

Well Researched Insult Of Bad Pickup Lines Post: These are posted by people who, upon seeing a bad line, read the bio of the poster, check what he's uploaded, what his favorites are, and his Myspace link. These posts are ALWAYS sarcastic, and usually include a post script. The might look something like, "Well, that sure means a lot coming from a guy who actually thinks Horvath is funny, and can't even spell "'suposed' in his bio.

P.S. nice costume of an ugly guy, oh wait, that's your face!" I don't think these posts are worth the time and effort, but I suppose you'd have to ask Sarah, Marah, Rachel, and Caroline.

And then there is Anything Posted By Thomas From University Of Alabama In Huntsville. I think they speak for themselves.