It's that time of the week again. See if you can rationalize a decision for any of the following WYR's and don't forget you can send yours to me at

Would You Rather…

  • Eat a piece of your own poop or eat a piece of your girlfriend's?
  • From Intern Jake

  • Be a famous rockstar or a famous athlete?
  • Have all music be replaced by beep-boop ringtones or have are all ringtones be replaced by sounds of you parent's having sex?
  • From Jeff Rubin

  • Be forced to announce every fart you're about to let out or be forced to recount, in detail, your sexual history to your grandparents?
  • Get paid $400 for straight porn or get paid $4000 for gay porn?
  • From Cory

  • See your sister's boobs or your roommate's butthole?
  • From Intern Jake

  • Have no toes or no ears?
  • (for the girls) Be completely bald or covered in hair?
  • From JuJu

  • Be shot in the leg with a .22 every month for the rest of your life or be from New Jersey?
  • Eat Jesus' body or drink Jesus' blood, but like, the real thing.
  • And the winner of the Disturbed Weirdo Award goes to a young man going by the name of Tat, who sent this gem in.

  • Eat out your grandmother or wear one roller skate for the rest of you life?
  • Jesus…

    Anyway, send me your WYR's at if you want to join the fun.