CVS put their Christmas decorations up today, so it must be the day after Halloween. Thanks to the absurd number of people who sent in their costumes! We'll be handing out the major awards (and cash prizes) next week. To help tide you over, let's take a look at some lesser contests we made up as we went along.

Best Nickelodeon Game Show Cast[picture:1717023:large:Legends of the Hidden Temple, with Temple GuardRunners up: Wild and Crazy Kids, Guts, and Double Dare. Nobody dressed up as one of the Nick Arcade wizards – maybe next year.]

Best SNL, non-Will-Ferrell division[picture:1716744:large:Mom JeansRunners up: Two wild and crazy guys, Mr. Peepers, the entire SNL cast, the Ambiguously Gay Duo]

Most Obscure[picture:1717360:large:Lisa Simpson's Florida CostumeRunners up: Greased up deaf guy, guy from the band in School of Rock, Perry Bible Fellowship's Unicorn Power.]

Best Will Ferrell[picture:1718851:large:A Gaggle of FerrellsRunners Up: Buddy the Elf, More Cowbell, Ricky Bobby, and Celebrity Jeopardy.]

Biggest Halloween Superstar(We've defined "Halloween Superstar" as any male who is able to get at least three females, and no other guys, to participate in his group costume.)[picture:1719500:large:Professor and StudentsRunners up: Hugh Heffner and Playmates, Austin Powers and Fem-bots, Ms. Universe Pageant, Deal or No Deal.]

Best Borat

[picture:1718012|size=large]Runners up: Virtually everyone else this Halloween.

Costume Most Likely To Excite Corporate America (aka best commercial costume)[picture:1717433:large:Geico CavemanRunners up: Mac and PC, Fanta, Budweiser Daredevil, Peyton Manning.]

Worst PunThey were all really terrible, and it was hard to pick just one. [picture:1719068:large:Muchos Grassy-asRunners up: Deviled eggs, all that and a bag of chips, "broke back" mountain, lego my eggo, holy shit, maid of money.]