Caller: "Hi, this Steve from Annoying Windows, can you spare a couple of moments to here about our great deals?"

Reciever:"umm, not right now. Can I call you back later, I could do with some new windows" (adjust for any product mentioned)

Caller: "Of course the number is 0800 123456"

Receiver:" Ok, so what was your name again ?"

Caller: "Steve Butt"

Receiver:" what time do you leave the office ?"

Caller: "6pm sir"

Receiver:" Oh, I will not be free before then, tell you what, what’s your home number ?"

Caller: "ummm I don’t want to give that out sir"

Receiver:" Why is that ? Don't you want people you don’t know ringing you up at home ?"

Caller: "ummmm"

Receiver:" hello"

Caller: *click"

And that’s how its done, give it a try the next time you get a call from someone selling anything.